High quality components
for hydraulic and drive technology

„Our love for quality craftsmanship creates lasting connections. In over 30 years in the market, we have established ourselves as a leading manufacturer of components for fluid and drive technology.”“

HBE oil tanks and hydraulic components are manufactured primarily in custom order variants. Customer-oriented flexibility in realising custom designs comes as standard at HBE and has been something that our customers have come to rely on over the course of many years. In addition to high quality, our customers value the fast delivery times that we can provide thanks to optimised warehouse operations.


HBE celebrates its 40th anniversary

HBE celebrated its 40th anniversary with two special events. The basis for today's Echterhage Holding was laid with the founding of HBE in 1984.

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HBE expands oil air cooler series ACI: Efficient cooling with ACIP and ACM

HBE has expanded its portfolio of oil air coolers and now offers two innovative models that increase efficiency in various industrial and mobile hydraulic applications. These new products are the ACIP partial flow cooler and the ACM oil air cooler for mobile applications.

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New 3-axis machining centre at HBE

HBE has taken an important step towards future production efficiency with the arrival of a brand new 3-axis machining centre.

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