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Oil tanks according to customer requirements

The exemplary photo shows one of the numerous applications of welding constructions made in our modern steel construction department. The 1,000 liter tank was designed in stainless steel 1.4571 according to the individual requirements of our customer Rickmeier and is the main part of an oil supply system for lubrication and cooling of an industrial gear unit. The pipe system and complete assembly are not included in the delivery content of HBE, but of the customer.

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Large delivery of our LKI oil/air coolers

The first batch of a large order of 50 LKI oil/air coolers has left our dispatch department recently. The coolers are the second largest in our LKI product range (LKI 910).

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Ht Calculator available as web version

For the calculation of bell housings, couplings and accessories such as damping elements, we have been offering our customers the P+Calculator software for many years. To extend the online offer of software, the Ht Calculator for the calculation and dimensioning of tank heaters is now available in a newly revised plugin independent browser version.

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HBE weldless steel oil tanks now available

The manufacturer of oil tanks and hydraulic components, HBE GmbH, has extended its portfolio with series WLST tanks produced by the deep drawing process. These guarantee a 100 percent tightness and minimise costs for freight and storage due to their low weights.

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P+Calculator available in newly revised web version

We have been offering our customers the P+Calculator software for the dimensioning of bell housings, couplings and accessories such as foot flanges and damping elements for many years. With the completely revised update, the program is now available as a plug-in-independent browser version.

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HBE launches new product on the market

The manufacturer of hydraulic components has extended its proven range with a new product. HBE now offers desiccant breathers which combine the tank breathing, humidity absorption and cleaning of the inflowing air in one unit.

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Suco-VSE now also distributes HBE and Oleotec products

Suco-VSE France, founded in 1999 by the companies SUCO Robert Scheuffele GmbH & Co. KG and VSE Volumentechnik GmbH as a combined distribution joint venture, now also offers products of the companies HBE Hydraulik-Komponenten and Oleotec. Suco-VSE France therefore not only distributes volume sensors of VSE, pressure switches of Suco, pressure sensors of ESI, gear-, radial piston-, centrifugal- and progressive cavity pumps of Beinlich and permanent magnetic couplings and canisters of DST, but also hydraulic accessories like oil tanks of HBE and test points of Oleotec.

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The SOFTEX® ES Clamping Hubs, Type 6.0.

SOFTEX® ES – new variants of elastic and no backlash shaft couplings

The SOFTEX® coupling is a torsionally flexible and breakdown-secure three-part resistant claw coupling. Due to the elastic gear ring it is in a position to dampen shocks, torsional vibrations and noises. Now, HBE GmbH has brought onto market two new variants of the elastic and no backlash shaft couplings: SOFTEX® ES 6.0 and SOFTEX® ES 6.0P.

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A new plasma cutting line has now gone into operation in the HBE steel tank production.

New plasma cutting line for the steel tank production

A new plasma cutting line from the Messer company has now gone into operation in the HBE steel tank production. From the point of view of the Managing Director, Detlef Lengelsen, the large investment is an important component for the increase of productivity and quality and thus also for the securing of the economic future in Neuenrade.

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The new plate heat exchangers

Resilient plate heat exchangers from HBE for hydraulics

A series of robust contemporaries introduced by HBE GmbH: the soldered plate heat exchangers from the DOC® building series. The DOC®-Cooler is characterised mainly by its enormous level of resilience making it the ideal heat exchanger for many applications in industrial hydraulics.

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