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The new plate heat exchangers
The new plate heat exchangers

Resilient plate heat exchangers from HBE for hydraulics

A series of robust contemporaries introduced by HBE GmbH: the soldered plate heat exchangers from the DOC® building series. The DOC®-Cooler is characterised mainly by its enormous level of resilience making it the ideal heat exchanger for many applications in industrial hydraulics.

With its stable, connection blocks – with corresponding spanner flat - soldered onto the cooler, it is especially suited for direct installation into pipelines. The general mounting within the scope of delivery also additionally simplifies installation.

Because of the special copper solder joint of the individual stainless steel plates the DOC®-Cooler securely prevents the leakage or mixing of process liquids and gases and the necessary pressure requirements are ensured. Depending on the overall size 16 or 32 bar operating pressure is admissible. The gasket-free method of construction allows an operating temperature of up to 225°C.

Because of the special design of the plates the DOC®-Cooler traverses optimally in counter-current. Cooling capacities of up to 360 kW are targeted with a simultaneous optimisation of water consumption. In addition to a highly efficient heat transmission a self-cleaning effect in the cooler is the result of the turbulent current. With it the pressure drop remains comparatively low. With the support of software we lay out the optimum heat exchanger for your specific application. Please direct your inquiries with all known parameters to the HBE contact that you have or to .

* DOC® is a registered trademark of the Alfa Laval Company.