Selection software

For configuring bellhousings, couplings and accessories as well as for calculating heating capacities, we provide our customers with the appropriate selection software.

The P+Calculator software can be used to perform calculations for over 4,000 pumps from around 150 manufacturers. In the calculations, both IEC and NEMA, combustion engines and servo motors can be selected and ATEX approved products can be displayed.

The H+Calculator has been created for designing suitable heaters and is able to access around 100 different standard heaters. A simple user interface facilitates rapid value adjustments.

For an easy and safe calculation of our DOC® brazed plate heat exchangers, we provide our customers the software PW+ Calculator.

For the individual design of our ACI coolers we provide our customers with an easy to use online software. The AC+Calculator enables a quick and safe calculation of the suitable cooler.

Access remains free of charge to HBE customers. HBE customer numbers are used to log in. Guest access is available on request.
Please feel free to contact us.