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Within the e.holding group of companies, we form a strong network with which we are well positioned internationally. We invite you to explore the diversity of our activities and to gain an insight into the world of fluid technology.

Modern 3D coordinate measuring machine in the HBE steel construction department

Manual measurement of welded constructions with folding rule and calipers belongs to the past at HBE! A modern 3D coordinate measuring machine has found its place in the outgoing inspection of our steel construction department.

Short delivery times and optimised technology: Hydraulics specialist HBE offers oil air coolers from own production

HBE GmbH has significantly expanded its product range with a specially developed oil air cooler for hydraulic fluids. The new ACI oil air cooler is manufactured in-house by HBE and complements the range of high-quality components for industrial hydraulic power units from a single source.

Loading of a giant steel tank

A 5.6 ton, 7.3 metre long, 3.2 metre wide and 1.3 metre high steel tank was recently successfully delivered to our customer.

Welding team certified again

The highest technical quality standards are a must for our products. As a certified company, our personnel is continuously trained and regularly undergoes welding examinations.

PW+-Calculator now available

With the existing selection software for bellhousings, couplings and tank heaters, we have been offering our customers the platforms for independent online sizing of our high-quality hydraulic components for some time now.

HBE now on YouTube

The manufacturer of hydraulic components has gone online with an own YouTube channel.

HBE focuses on safe shipment

We protect your goods in the best possible way for the transport. Even multiple tanks can be sent safely and cost-effectively with our method.