Modern 3D coordinate measuring machine in the HBE steel construction department

Manual measurement of welded constructions with folding rule and calipers belongs to the past at HBE! A modern 3D coordinate measuring machine has found its place in the outgoing inspection of our steel construction department.

With this measuring device, components with a length of up to 10 metres can be measured. The component is scanned once with the help of a camera integrated in the probe. Subsequently, the individual measuring spheres are recorded by another, motion-sensitive camera and digitally processed. The target/actual comparison with a previously imported DXF or DWG file reduces the time required considerably.
Overall, the system offers significantly increased measuring reliability, even for critical parameters such as warpage, parallelism and squareness.
The digital measurement protocols are archived on an order-related basis and made available to the respective customer if required.

Published: July, 08 2022