Short delivery times and optimised technology: Hydraulics specialist HBE offers oil air coolers from own production

HBE GmbH has significantly expanded its product range with a specially developed oil air cooler for hydraulic fluids. The new ACI oil air cooler is manufactured in-house by HBE and complements the range of high-quality components for industrial hydraulic power units from a single source.

The priority in the new development was to be able to offer the customer an oil cooler with short delivery times. Thanks to our own intelligent warehousing of all ACI components and final assembly in-house, every order for the cooler can be delivered to the customer within a very short time. In addition to the significantly faster availability, HBE has made further optimisations to the cooler. By using axial fans with optimised blade design, the increasing demand for a tolerable noise level of the cooling unit in the area of occupational health and safety is met. HBE has also adapted the fan housing to improve the air flow. The fins used on the air side are insensitive to contamination.

The complete ACI series is supplied with a matt powder coating in RAL 7012 as standard. HBE currently has ten sizes of ACI oil cooler in its range. These are suitable for an oil flow of between 20 and 600 litres per minute and can be used with all common hydraulic fluids (oil, HFA, HFC, etc.).

To determine the suitable size of a planned system, HBE provides customers or interested parties with easy-to-use design software on its website at The AC+Calculator enables a quick and safe calculation of the suitable cooler.

The aspects of sustainability and occupational safety were also of high importance during development. A large proportion of recyclable materials and the shortest possible delivery routes for the individual components underline the demand for climate- and resource-friendly production. The quick availability of the coolers also offers the advantage that spare parts deliveries and repairs can be carried out at short notice, thus avoiding production downtimes.

At the customer's request, a test report on the cooling performance of the heat exchanger can be prepared in-house on a performance test stand.

Further design variants, for example a bypass valve integrated in the cooling element or 2-pass versions, are in the planning stage. In addition, some sizes will be available in the future with DC fans in 12V or 24V, which can be used for limited mobile applications.

Published: May, 30 2022